2017 New Products

ELEMENT 2" LED Adjustable Downlight & Wall Wash

Full–featured, high performance architectural downlight features 1.4" aperture

Where small is better, this newly developed ELEMENT adjustable downlight boasts a 1.4" trim aperture and a 2.75" ceiling cutout while delivering high lumen output. It features an aiming & locking mechanism offering 0-45° tilt and 361° rotation; it also features interchangeable optics along with a wall-wash trim option.

ELEMENT 2" LED Remodel Adjustable Downlight & Wall Wash

High performance and output in a 1.4" aperture remodel downlight

Newly developed ELEMENT adjustable remodel downlight boasts a 1.4" trim aperture while delivering high lumen output. Its versatile design allows the mechanism and junction box to be installed and serviced from below the ceiling aperture.

ELEMENT 3" LED Remodel Adjustable Downlight

Architectural–grade Remodel Downlight features true flangeless installation

The New ELEMENT 3" LED Remodel Adjustable downlight is suited for below the ceiling installation where a seamless, mudded–in look is desired. It features a precision aiming mechanism with 0-40° tilt and 361° rotation including High–low lamp positioning.

ELEMENT 3" LED Ultra-Shallow Fixed Downlight

Full–featured architectural–grade downlight features 2" housing for cramped plenum spaces

Small aperture LED downlight with architectural appearance housed in an ultra–shallow 2" housing ideal for tight plenum spaces. Despite its small size, this new ELEMENT Ultra–shallow downlight offers high light output. Plus, a wood ceiling option allows for a smooth, flangeless appearance using any ELEMENT 3" flangeless trim.

Merge Suspended LED Linear System

Indirect down light, independent up light, and low-voltage track in one gangable, suspended linear LED system

Representing the marriage of indirect down light, independent up–light, and low–voltage track (each independently controlled), ELEMENT LED Merge Suspended linear channel is an all–in–one, architecturally beautiful system. The ELEMENT Merge Suspended system can be configured up to a continuous 80' run from a single power feed. A 90° connector is also available to make right angle turns. A wide array of Tech Lighting low–voltage heads and pendants can be mounted onto the system for added versatility.

Merge Flush Mount LED Linear System

Flush mount LED linear system features indirect LED down light and low–voltage track, gangable to 80' runs with 90-degree turns

With its unique versatile abilities and minimalist look, the Merge ELEMENT LED Flush Mount linear system features indirect linear general illumination with an integrated low-voltage track where illuminated same-plane turns are also made possible using a 90° connector. The Merge FreeJack connector allows the use of low voltage Tech Lighting heads or pendants to be placed anywhere along the linear system.

Reflections Decorative Recessed Downlights

Innovative, First-Of-Its-Kind Technology in Architectural Downlights

ELEMENT Reflections redefines recessed lighting at a fundamental level by allowing LED downlights to become an essential architectural room component as well as a decorative design element. A choice of five distinctive domes, molded with exquisitely embossed design details, subtly accent architectural themes with beautiful and abundant LED general illumination while creating a soft ceiling glow.

International Association of Lighting Designers ISO - International Organization for Standards Energy Star Rated